Christian Science was presented to me on numerous...

Christian Science was presented to me on numerous occasions before I would accept its loving benedictions. Greatly in need of better health, more abundant supply, and happiness, I was nevertheless satisfied that nothing was wrong with my views, and I did not want Christian Science or anything else to change them. I was inclined to blame circumstances, environment, and the effects of a childhood accident for all my troubles.

Desperation, and the possibility of becoming a charge to those already overburdened, drove me to a Christian Science practitioner, after all medical aid had failed. In one month's time I was completely healed. The miseries which I had endured for twenty-two years, resulting from a double lateral curvature and three dislocated vertebrae, were gone. I was enabled to discard a steel brace, abdominal supports, and many medicines, including the daily use of strychnine as a stimulant. I resumed my stenographic work, which I had abandoned a year before, because of a severe nervous collapse, with loss of weight, and I have continued working for over seventeen years, with only three days of absence due to illness. Previously, only the fact that I was working for a kindly physician enabled me to hold my position, for I was frequently absent from work. This physician, a prominent diagnostician, had employed every available medical aid, including the co-operation of other physicians, to improve my health, but to no avail.

Testimony of Healing
I am deeply grateful for the many blessings which I...
March 23, 1940

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