Spiritual Habitation

As a child, the writer listened with rapt attention to her grandfather's stories of the reeds and rushes and tall grasses which grew at the head of his old mill pond. She was told that they served as a protection for fish, water animals, and water fowl. As the truths of the Bible were revealed to her in the light of Christian Science, the comforting promise in the thirty-fifth chapter of Isaiah that "the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water," and there "shall be grass with reeds and rushes," had added significance because of these stories.

What a blessing that we can turn from the disappointments, pain, and turmoil of material living to the sacred truth of being, which is full and complete, not lacking any needful thing for our well-being! Through mankind may seem to be facing many errors in the guise of disease, fear, lack, and unemployment, there is protection from them if we refuse to believe in their existence as real. When we turn humbly to God for guidance, there is no problem which cannot be solved, no obstacle which cannot be removed.

"Playing the game"
March 16, 1940

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