In Science and Health our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy...

In Science and Health our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, tells us (p. 254), "If you launch your bark upon the ever-agitated but healthful waters of truth, you will encounter storms." After the healing of a so-called incurable disease I was lifted to spiritual heights, where I felt it would be impossible to encounter storms, but many times I have been grateful for the statement just quoted. My testimony concerning this first healing appeared in The Christian Science Journal some years ago.

Fear of physical disease was swept away at that time, but one difficulty still seemed very real to me. It would appear and reappear all through the years, always seeming to be more real at each appearance. I had been surrounded with home and plenty, but this error finally brought on financial difficulties, and eventually I was reduced to poverty. During this time, however, there were many helpful experiences through my work and that of others. One day, when everything seemed to close in about me, I cried out to God in my helplessness. I knew that I had missed the way and prayed to be shown what to do. Then I saw that I had limited God to two channels through which my supply should come, when He was infinite, and that I had made another's problem my own. I became uplifted, free, and happy. In a few days a large note was met in a most unexpected manner, and shortly after this I was led into an abode of plenty. But I was still clinging to error, and was reluctant to take the human footsteps.

Testimony of Healing
Great gratitude is mine for the opportunity of giving the...
March 16, 1940

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