Recently, I have been giving special heed to angels, which...

Recently, I have been giving special heed to angels, which Mrs. Eddy defines, in part, in Science and Health (p. 581), as "God's thoughts passing to man," listening to them, and allowing them to tarry with me and to draw me into the kingdom of heaven. Living with them in this way brings us the spiritual animus so much needed in our work today. It purifies thought, influences consciousness away from the carnal mind, and strengthens our mental fiber, so that we accept trustingly and faithfully the realities of being.

I am grateful for The Christian Science Monitor. It never fails to bring peace and quietness into our home during these troubled times. After I had read the news in the January 7, 1938, Monitor, my eyes rested on the Home Forum page, where an article entitled "Lift up your heads" was published. The article brought new inspiration to me, and an instantaneous healing of what seemed to be the beginning of a cold. The condition was not troubling me very much, but perhaps we are too prone to indulge passive resistance about such things, instead of refusing to accept even the least suggestion of them.

Testimony of Healing
I am very grateful for the many proofs of God's protecting...
February 18, 1939

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