Partnership Dissolved

The supposititious partnership between matter and Spirit is dissolved through Christian Science. This dissolution must take place in one's consciousnes before one can know spiritual man. Outside of Christian Science one has a more or less confused, troublesome, unsatisfactory acquaintance with two so-called selves which he has been taught to call himself. This self appears to be material and spiritual, good and bad; to be sick and in health; to live and to die. How can such a partnership ever attain to harmony? It cannot. The only hope lies in the dissolution of the false relation; and this dissolution is brought about by Christian Science, which exposes one of the so-called partners as a deceiver and unreal. As in the dissolution of business partnerships there is sometimes trouble, so it is in this case. The false partner seeks to deprive the other of his rights, sometimes delaying a healing; but the change goes steadily on.

Christian Science healing is simple. Its very simplicity not infrequently seems a stumbling block to those who have been taught that everything pertaining to God is mysterious. But this is not true. The relation of the obedient, trusting child to the wise and loving Father-Mother God is a very simple relation. A catena of the healings performed by Jesus reveals this fact. Nothing was dark, secret, or mysterious about his work. "Stretch forth thine hand;" "Go, and sin no more;" "Take up thy bed, and walk;" "According to your faith be it unto you;" "She is not dead, but sleepeth;" "Lazarus, come forth;" "Young man, I say unto thee, Arise." These are plain words, the words of one who knew his oneness with the Father, and the power which this understanding bestows. No greater aid in the healing work of Christian Science can be found than to be familiar with the New Testament record of Jesus' mighty works, and to grasp the metaphysical signification of them, as taught by Mary Baker Eddy in her published writings.

Value of Meditation
January 21, 1939

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