"Set yourselves"

The study of Christian Science is an education, or let us say re-education, of the human thought. The purpose of this study is to learn the nature of God and man, and of man's relation to God; in other words, to gain the spiritual understanding through which to prove that man is the infinite idea of infinite Mind, in which there is no matter or evil. This is the aim of every Christian Science treatment, the object of every church service. Every Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly is designed to help the individual establish in his thought the true, spiritual concept of man, including the universe.

Occasionally, as the student progresses in this education, regeneration, or spiritualization of thought, he finds a difficult problem to be solved. Sometimes he encounters a phase of error which seems severe and overwhelming. His thought may become bewildered, confused, chaotic. Countless arguments present themselves, may of which have no bearing on the problem, being but the foam on the waves of mortal belief.

The Divine Way and the Goal
August 20, 1938

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