Finding Our Individuality

Throughout her writings Mary Baker Eddy directs readers to the oneness and perfection of God and man, for she well knew that it is through understanding God that one can discern and demonstrate his God-given individuality. In the Colloquy between "Good" and "Evil" found on page 24 of "Unity of Good," our Leader quotes the statement of "Good" as follows: "I am the infinite All. From me proceedeth all Mind, all consciousness, all individuality, all being. My Mind is divine good, and cannot drift into evil."

The true man's consciousness, proceeding from the one God, is spiritual, harmonious, immortal. If, then, we should seem troubled by suggestions of fear, resentment, evil forebodings, and so forth, we should instantly ask ourselves, Do these errors proceed from divine Mind? Do they express my individuality? And the answer is that because the one Mind "cannot drift into evil," neither can Mind's ideas drift into error. The true man's individuality is intact.

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August 20, 1938

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