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With deepest gratitude to God I am impelled to give...

With deepest gratitude to God I am impelled to give thanks for the great blessing that has been ours through Christian Science. My relatives and I have experienced many healings, but I should like especially to give a testimony regarding a wonderful experience in my childhood.

When I was eleven I was seized with a serious disorder of the abdomen, which my parents believed to be appendicitis. As we had previously experienced the blessings of Christian Science, we again turned confidently to a practitioner of this teachings for help. At first my condition seemed precarious; but later I wanted to get up, and I was able to stay in the living room for a few hours. After that, however, I had a relapse to my previous condition and there followed several days of severe suffering. In the middle of one night we had to telephone to the practitioner for help, for I had taken cold, and suffered in several parts of my body. However, with God's help the crisis was quickly passed.

At the insistence of and for the comfort of our relatives and neighbors, who were reproachful, my parents had the doctor come the next morning. We, however, trusted wholly in God's help, and I took no material remedies whatsoever. The doctor stated that the disease was peritonitis and prepared us for a long illness. He feared that tuberculosis might set in—if not something worse—and said that the case was very serious. Another distressing night followed. But the practitioner, knowing how to inspire us anew with complete trust in God's all-power, helped me untiringly. The next morning I was more peaceful and towards noon fell into a sound sleep, from which I awoke to find that an inner abscess had opened and had been discharging for hours through the intestines. From that hour the pain disappeared. My mother could hardly comprehend the miracle and thanked God silently for my wonderful deliverance.

Testimony of Healing
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December 31, 1938

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