It is with a deep sense of gratitude for the many healings...

It is with a deep sense of gratitude for the many healings which I have received that I submit this testimony. The healing for which I am most grateful is that of a serious throat condition. Several years ago I had an operation on my throat, and when the wound was beginning to heal the muscles of the throat and mouth contracted, with the result that I was unable to eat any solid food and had great difficulty in taking liquid nourishment. Because of the seriousness of this condition I had no desire to live, as I would have had to be fed artificially for the rest of my life. In this state of thought I asked a Christian Science practitioner for help; and as a result of her consecrated work I was healed instantaneously. That evening I was able to eat a meal of solid food without any difficulty, a thing which I had considered an impossibility.

I have been healed of grippe within three days, without being absent from business, also through the work of a practitioner. I have had very quick healings of burns, sprains, and boils by applying my understanding of the truth. Some time ago the door of an automobile was slammed against my fingers. The pain was intense for a while, but after I persistently declared the truth it diminished, and I was able to write and typewrite constantly the following day without any trouble. The healing was complete.

Testimony of Healing
In gratitude to God, and to our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, I...
December 12, 1936

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