God is always blessing us, and this has been proved to...

God is always blessing us, and this has been proved to me in my own experience, for His law has operated to unfold much good to me. He has given me the care of a lovely daughter, who has always responded quickly to work done for her, and whose instruction in Sunday school, together with her study, has given her a clear understanding of spiritual law, which she uses faithfully in schoolwork and in social life.

Upon awakening one morning, I realized that I could not move. Feeling sure that I could demonstrate my dominion over this, I allowed my family to go about their duties. Later I found that I could raise myself by pulling on the head of the bed. From this position I worked myself out of the bed and by holding to the chair, I got to the telephone. Why I was not instantly healed is shown by my last statement to the practitioner, "I don't know how I shall get back to bed." I expected to go back! The practitioner lovingly worked and I was comfortable. Later I received a message that my mother had passed on. I was helped through this sorrow and was able to do the things that were necessary. The love expressed to me by church members will always be an inspiration to me. For this I am very grateful.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude to God for Christian Science
January 18, 1936

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