Love Guides Us into Peace

The understanding of the teachings of Christian Science, even in a small degree, brings such a sense of peace and security that in these days of turmoil there is little wonder that Christian Science churches are often filled with eager listeners, seeking the truth about God and man. The truth of these teachings is proved in demonstration. In Christian Science we are taught to find health, peace, and harmony in God, divine Love. Peace is an attribute of God, because it is good. It is a manifestation of Love, as the Scriptures declare. God is infinite, and therefore ever present. Peace, then, being a manifestation of divine Love, is also ever present.

When all about us are heard expressions of criticism, distrust, and resentfulness directed against those in authority in our nation and in other countries, it is well to be still and acknowledge where true government originates—in God, divine Mind. This is not the time to indulge vexatious thoughts, or helplessly to bewail the state of affairs of our country and of the world. We must awaken, be alert, and emphatically deny any reality in any power that is unlike God. We must deny inharmony, disaster, evil forces, and affirm the harmonious government of divine Mind.

"No vision more bright"
June 22, 1935

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