Assimilating Truth

The word "assimilation," from a physiological standpoint, means a building up of the so-called nutritive substances and absorbing or appropriating of needed nourishment. From the mental standpoint in Christian Science, "assimilation" means incorporating into one's thinking the very Word which the Apostle John referred to when he said, "And the Word was God." Christian Science, which, Mrs. Eddy declares (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 271), "rests on oneness; one cause and one effect," does away with the belief of two opposing powers. The infinity of God, good, makes an opposite evil or material presence, power, or condition impossible. The work of a metaphysician is to cultivate and appropriate the good which God has already bestowed, for only by so doing can he nourish his spiritual sense, the sense through which he becomes aware of reality, of his divine sonship and his God-given dominion.

Hungering after righteousness, the Christian Scientist does not give merely intellectual assent to God as being All. Rather does he exercise his intuitive conviction that God actually is the source, substance, and condition of all that is. This establishment of the activity of Truth in individual human consciousness results in progress and brings about any corrective and alterative effect which may be needed; for it is the nature of Truth to invigorate and sustain; and at the same time this activity purifies thought and counteracts error.

The Kingdom of God within Us
June 8, 1935

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