Several years ago I suffered from many forms of discord...

Several years ago I suffered from many forms of discord which were finally manifested on my body. I awakened one morning feeling very ill, and upon being examined by a doctor I was informed that I had pleurisy with effusion. I continued to run a high temperature and was advised by the doctor to go to a hospital for further examination. There I was informed that I had tuberculosis in an advanced stage, and that it would be necessary for me to go to a sanatorium for treatment and rest. I was sent to the Adirondacks, where I spent eighteen months in bed, during which time I submitted to surgical treatment and a minor operation.

Before I left home I was given a copy of Science and Health and a Christian Science Quarterly, and I kept these and my Bible with me constantly. In my extremity I prayed to God to give me more understanding so that I might apply what I had studied. Whenever the doctors gave me unfavorable reports I tried to know that I was perfect as God's image and likeness, and when I was overcome with homesickness for my family, I would constantly repeat that there is no separation between God's ideas.

Testimony of Healing
Many years ago I heard a preacher say, "The kingdom...
December 14, 1935

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