As a youth I was deeply interested in religion and tried...

As a youth I was deeply interested in religion and tried faithfully to follow its teachings and help humanity, but as I grew older and applied reasoning to these teachings I became disappointed. I could not believe that God was Love, as the Scriptures teach, and at the same time would bring sickness upon me to punish me, because if He punished me with sickness why did my parents try to heal me? Neither could I believe that there was a place called heaven or hell. So at about the age of twenty-four I gave up religion, called it a myth, and even stopped going to church.

This continued for many years. Finally my affairs got into such a terrible condition that I felt I must have relief. The manager of the bank with which I did my business suggested Christian Science as the solution. I had always thought of this Science as a fake faith cure, but came to the conclusion that I would try it, as I had to do something. In the spring of 1922 I came to Calgary and attended the Christian Science church, frequented the Reading Room, talked with a practitioner, and bought a copy of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I had not read very far before I found that this was exactly what I was looking for and would stand the test of reason, for Mrs. Eddy says on page 327 of her textbook, "Reason is the most active human faculty." I had no thought that Christian Science would heal my physical ailments and did not investigate it for that purpose, but to my great surprise, before I was halfway through the textbook, I was healed of lumbago of fifteen years' standing, also of the smoking habit to which I had been addicted for twenty years. I had worn a broad canvas belt for fifteen years as a preventive for lumbago, but while reading I took it off and threw it away. At the same time I put my pipe and tobacco away and have never had a desire to touch them since.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express something of the gratitude I feel that...
December 14, 1935

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