Exposing a "bald imposition"

What an enigma is mortal existence to the spiritually unillumined human consciousness! This consciousness, with its finite outlook, believes that man is born into the world as a helpless babe, that after passing through the period of adolescence he reaches maturity, and that thereafter he declines until he passes away. And although during his earthly career he experiences a measure of joy and happiness and health, he is frequently beset with difficulties, trials, sorrows, ill-health, and suffering. What can it mean? asks mankind. Why the sin which brings regret? Why disease with its suffering and sorrow? Have they a cause; and if so, what can be its nature?

It must be admitted that mortal existence often appears to be beset by difficulties, that mortals often seem to be perplexed and pained, that sin plays havoc with human happiness, and that disease often robs humanity of its joy and usefulness. Christ Jesus recognized these things in his dealings with men, although he looked upon them very differently from the way many others regarded them. Christian Scientists, too, do not shut their eyes upon human distress; but they are assured through Christian Science that the experiences of mortals, the sinfulness, sorrow, disease, and suffering to which they are subject, are not what they seem; that, indeed, like all material phenomena, they must be viewed entirely differently from the general way of regarding them.

Authorized Literature
December 14, 1935

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