Keep Rowing!

At a certain summer resort on the Atlantic Coast, a little child used to delight in watching some fishermen as they would row out through the surf to bring in their haul from the deep-sea fishing grounds. At about the same hour each afternoon the cry would go around, "The boats are going out!" and everyone would hurry to the beach to see this daring battle with the waves, which were usually very heavy on that exposed stretch of shore line.

Except for being large, and strongly reinforced, the boats were only ordinary rowboats, equipped with two pairs of oars; and the men would run the boats out over the sand into the shallow water, then jump in and begin rowing. Straight out into the ocean they would go, the breakers covering them with spray, and beating and buffeting their little craft until it seemed at any moment about to capsize. Although at times they would be carried almost back to shore in the rush of the swirling waters, they never stopped rowing. That was the point which seemed most particularly to impress those watching on the beach. No matter how rough the sea, how strong the tide, how contrary the wind, those oars were never still. Though constantly diverted from its course, the bow would ultimately swing back until it pointed out to sea again, and on the rowers would go—and on—and on—in exact co-ordination, until they were safe in the comparatively smooth water beyond.

Security on "the Rock of Christ"
December 14, 1935

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