Window Dressing

Putting the best foot forward, as an ancient maxim has it, is in accordance with human instinct. It expresses a mortal's desire to advance his own enterprises, private or public, and is manifested variously according to the nature of those enterprises. It prompts the merchant to display most prominently goods which he considers his best and most salable, and, in consequence, window dressing has become one of his important concerns; in fact, it is today almost a business in itself.

In their personal experience individuals are apt to follow a like course. Too frequently, with a desire to make a good impression upon the outer world, their first consideration is the outward appearance. And yet many have already learned and more are coming to admit that, still figuratively speaking, the material foot is never the best foot to put forward; that in fact it is no part of the real spiritual man, and can therefore never serve to advance his highest interests. Human means and methods, though right and necessary at our present stage of progress, can never be more than accessories, and should be seen as such and not allowed to assume undue proportions in thought.

God's Day
January 12, 1935

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