As I look back on a healing I had recently I am very...

As I look back on a healing I had recently I am very grateful, and cannot begin to express my gratitude for God's healing power.

I was knocked down in the street on the pavement, falling on my left hip. The hip was dislocated and the leg broken about halfway between the knee and the hip. Work was immediately taken up in Christian Science. All fever and inflammation were overcome in the first twenty-four hours, and after that I was not wholly confined in bed at any time. I was able to hop around with the aid of a chair with very little pain. In two weeks my hip was healed, having gone back into place after a week's time. I was around with the aid of crutches for about a week, and then used a cane for a few days. Four weeks from the day the leg was broken I was walking on that leg without any support whatever. At all times I relied absolutely on God, Principle, for my healing, and after the leg was healed I suffered no discomfort in any way from the break.

Testimony of Healing
I feel a deep sense of gratitude in having the opportunity...
January 12, 1935

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