"Loss is gain"

[Written Especially for Young People]

Youth is pre-eminently the period of growth and development. It requires mental fare that will build. Therefore we need not wonder that some young people refuse to be interested in those forms of religion which seem to offer only vague promises of future benefit while stressing present disciplines and limitations. They ask, as do many of their elders, and rightly, for present evidence and proof of the validity of religious promises. Mere dogma or prescription or ritual does not feed. Christian Science strips away these husks of religion and offers the rich kernel of living truth which is equally available and practical for the child, the youth, and the more mature person.

What is this truth? It is the demonstrable fact that God is the only Life, Mind, power, intelligence, substance; that God is infinite, supremely and exclusively good; that God is not a far-away abstraction, but the living, omnipresent reality, and that man is the idea, the perfect image and likeness, the beloved child, of the infinite, loving Father-Mother, who created and sustains all that is real with unerring wisdom and bounty.

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