Where Man Is, There Is His Supply

When we learn in Christian Science how to live in the present, to expect good in the present, and to look for the solution of all our problems in the present, we gain peace, and our problems begin to be solved. If we look for success only at the end of what we call the depression, the depression is apt to continue in our experience. We should not postpone the healing of our businesses, any more than the healing of our bodies, until some future time wherein we think we can see the way in which that healing can come. Rather should we hold the attitude of watching God's law operating now in the working out of our problems. In human experience, many a burden of debt has been surprisingly quickly lifted by the resolve to commence to put by whatever can be saved toward its liquidation. This very willingness to grapple with the situation, rather than relegate the solution of the difficulty to the future, brings its reward. As someone has said, Go as far as you can see, and see how far you can go.

This awakening to the assumption of present responsibility in well-doing breaks the mesmeric sense of fatalism, and brings to light unseen ways and means of dealing with affairs of unemployment. This awakening also arouses a person from the nightmare of sickness and gives him the necessary impulse to reject the dream of suffering or limitation as no part of his real being, and therefore devoid of law or power to subject him to its claims.

Christian Science Healing
August 25, 1934

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