Consistent Progression

[Written Especially for Young People]

"Oh, you are too old-fashioned! Times and customs have changed. We of this generation view things differently. The old conventions and restrictions are outgrown, and excessive modesty or prudishness has given way to frankness and freedom." This is from a conversation between two young persons who were discussing the social problems of the day.

It is true that changes are going on in our social customs. Orderly and progressive changes will continue until the human family outgrows all that is crude and inconsistent with the ideal. Certain old conventions are being modified through clearer thinking, through the gaining of a higher understanding of individual rights and freedom. But desirable changes are not brought about by the discarding or ignoring of fundamental laws and customs that are necessary to maintain individual right conduct and proper human relationships. In fact, many changes for the better are appearing because of a closer adherence to and a clearer interpretation of the law designed by God to govern His children.

Present Praise
August 25, 1934

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