"Gratitude exercises"

At an Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, one of the speakers in commenting on The Christian Science Monitor enumerated some of the many good things it daily brings to its readers, and added, "Often when in need of healing I find it in the religious article or on the Children's Page." The writer had many times proved the first part of this statement, and was familiar with the instruction and entertainment for children to be found on the page devoted to them; but it had not occurred to her that an adult in search of healing might find it there.

One day, when she was in need of encouragement, the statement quoted above was recalled and the Monitor of that day was opened to the page referred to. In the section known as the Mail Bag was a letter supposedly written by two tiny birds in Sweden to "Birds and Friends Everywhere." Being a lover of birds, she included herself in that loving salutation and read the letter in which these little songsters told how they start the day. They said that as soon as the first streak of light shines through their feathers they begin to chirp softly, reminding each other of the beautiful things close by. Then they agree to sing their "gratitude exercises" out loud so that others may hear. The letter goes on to say that as they are singing the sun comes up.

Undivided Allegiance
August 25, 1934

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