Solving the Unemployment Problem

Usually, Christian Scientists make practical use of their religion to meet the claims of discord; but sometimes this does not seem to be their method, especially when they are confronted by the problem of unemployment. Yet, Christian Science may be used in such contingencies with very happy results. A nameless fear seems to strike many good people when they come face to face with unemployment; but, as Christian Science shows, there is no more cause for fear under this condition than in cases of sickness and sin. Christian Science teaches us, and we learn from experience, that there is nothing to fear in these trials; that they can be destroyed by applying Mrs. Eddy's teachings, and that there is no reason why these same teachings may not be used to secure employment.

What is the essence of the unemployment problem which is seen at times in all nations of the world? Its apparent contributing causes are many and various, but in a general way it may be said that it presents the spectacle of stagnation. It would make a certain section of human society believe that there is no work for it to do, that certain individuals cannot be active in the use of their God-given faculties. Unemployment, which is economic waste, presents a picture of error, the result mainly of ignorance, greed, and selfishness. It is a condition contingent upon an inadequate distribution of goods and of wages; and, as with all other phases of error, it can be dispelled by the analytical touch of an understanding of Christian Science.

"Gratitude exercises"
August 25, 1934

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