Business and Supply

The application of the teachings of Christian Science to the solving of problems incident to our work or employment, and to the meeting of daily needs, is entirely practical. The eternal truths unfolded to us through the revelation of our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, when sincerely sought and honestly applied, correct that which needs to be corrected, adjust that which calls for adjustment, eliminate the unnecessary, the nonessential, and bring to light that which should be known and understood. On all occasions ready to bless all, a harmonizing and purifying influence, the Science of Christianity knows no condition and no situation beyond its power of correction and redemption.

It was in the consciousness of the truths of being, which have been revealed in this age in Christian Science, that Christ Jesus fed the five thousand, secured the tax money from the fish's mouth, and was on all occasions provided with what he needed. He inquired of the disciples, "Children, have ye any meat?" and forthwith supplied it. At the age of twelve he was about his Father's business, and throughout his earthly career consistently proved the spiritual nature of business and supply, and the perfection of God's finished work. Since God and His creation, the universe and man, are perfect, as revealed to us by Christ Jesus, it necessarily follows that completeness must inhere in both cause and effect. Completeness, characterizing divine Mind, characterizes every idea of Mind. Completeness, pervading every part of the whole of reality, leaves nothing to be added, nothing to be supplemented or complemented. "Thus the ideas of God in universal being are complete and forever expressed," as our Leader says on page 519 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

Joyous Obedience
March 17, 1934

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