Let Me Remember

Let me remember the multitude of thy mercies, O God:The many pleasant ways Thy love has brought me,When sense would say 'twas but a desert place;The many wondrous things Thy law has taught meOf Principle and its redeeming grace!Let me recall the depth of consolation,When, after mighty wrestlings through the night,There waited on the mount of revelationA sacred stillness and transfiguring light,Through which was seen Thy changeless love enfoldingThe universe and Thine own image, man,Thy law omnipotent forever holdingEach little one within Thy holy plan.And, when from Thy dear care I roamed, in blindness,And threatening want in wait did grimly lie,How oft, through some sweet rift of human kindness,Thy bounty fell like manna from the sky!Let me recall some lark's celestial singing,In lilting loveliness above our gaze,For song and safety come with high thoughts winging,And freedom when the heart ascends to praise.Let me remember how some simple flower,Whose velvet sweetness I would fain caress,Has vividly renewed my faith in powerOf goodness, and Thy willingness to bless.Let me remember friends of Thy commanding,That shine like stars, and steadfast do remain,Within the firmament of understanding,To lighten life, to gladden and sustain.

Dear Father, when the way of human livingSeems dark, and thought with doubt and fear imbued,Oh, let me then remember with thanksgivingThy tender mercies in their multitude.

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