Your courageous publication deserves support, and it is...

Truth Teller

Your courageous publication deserves support, and it is with no thought of unfriendly criticism, but to prevent possible misunderstanding, that I am now writing to correct mistaken statements about Christian Science which appeared in the article "Debunking Chiropractic" in your May 7 issue.

To begin with, the writer makes the unfortunate assumption that he is able to describe the teaching of Christian Science without having studied them from the standpoint of Mrs. Eddy's exposition of her discovery. He then proceeds to argue that "Christian Science has a semiphilosophy ... that Providence did not provide all that is necessary for living creatures." But actually Christian Science teaches the exact opposite of this. Healings through Christian Science are based on the realism of the unchangeable completeness and harmony of the entire spiritual creation. These healings prove the unreliable and transitory nature of the senseevidence which appears to confirm the existence of such discordant activities as sin and disease.

November 24, 1934

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