I did not take up the study of Christian Science in the...

I did not take up the study of Christian Science in the first place for physical healing, as no one I knew believed in it or was in accord with its teachings. I, however, read a book in which the arguments given in favor of Christian Science were so convincing to me that I immediately sent to Boston for the textbook, as I was living in a small town in New Mexico, where there was no Christian Science organization. I realized in a short time that through reading the textbook I had been healed of a chronic ailment of the bowels of long standing. Shortly after this I had a fall, and felt sure that a bone in an ankle was broken. Friends tried to lift me up when they saw I did not get up right away. I asked to be left alone for a moment and kept the declaration of the truth so in thought that I was soon able to rise and be helped to my room. I went to sleep soon after lying down, and when I awakened there was no pain, though the ankle was swollen and very stiff; but after a night's sleep I was able to walk without limping.

For these demonstrations of the power of divine Love I was very grateful. Several years later I saw my brother healed of what was afterward diagnosed as gallstones, the pain ceasing in about fifteen minutes after a practitioner was called, and after he had suffered almost constantly for a week. A business transaction in which I had apparently lost a great deal of money was finally adjusted to my advantage, and I feel that divine Love alone met my need in this matter.

Testimony of Healing
It is with great joy and thankfulness that I testify to...
November 24, 1934

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