I wish to express my gratitude for the privilege of having...

I wish to express my gratitude for the privilege of having been the Assistant Librarian on duty in the Reading Room of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Long Beach, California, at the time of the earthquake of March 10, 1933. This Reading Room is situated on the top floor of a twelve-story building.

It was my experience to feel, in that crisis, that divine Mind took immediate charge and that much of mortal mind with its futile fear, indecision, and confusion moved out, as it were. Almost with the first severe shock, these words from Science and Health poured forth from my lips with a sense of clear realization: "God is everywhere, and nothing apart from Him is present or has power" (p. 473). As I stepped from behind the show case, where I had been standing, a single aggressive mental suggestion attempted to present itself. The manner in which this was instantly silenced is very sacred to me, but I shall mention it, that it may help someone else as it will always continue to help me. The suggestion, due to the sway of the building, was: Are we going to be hurled out into space? The answer came swiftly: What if you are—you could go out like thistledown—are you not spiritual? At the same time, a statement which has always meant much to me stood out with great clarity. It was, in effect: Jesus could walk on the water because the so-called law of gravitation could have no effect on one who understood spiritual reality as he did.

Testimony of Healing
I am deeply grateful for the good which Christian Science...
July 22, 1933

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