Give Thanks!

To give testimony to the healing power of Christian Science, through the periodicals or in the Wednesday meetings held in Christian Science churches throughout the world, is a good thing to do. Since this is a good thing to do, it certainly could not be good that would try, through time-worn arguments, to prevent the doing of this good thing. It is a safe presumption that almost everyone who has made the demonstration of giving his testimony, written or oral, has first had to master the suggestions of error in one form or another.

The success of the Christian Science movement relates directly to the ability of the individual Christian Scientist to prove in his daily life the power and presence of divine Love, as revealed by our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy. Could there be anything more natural than the desire to tell of this proving, to share with others the light which has so blessed and enriched one's life? There is but one answer. It is divinely natural and decidedly right to desire to tell others of one's healing, and definitely to resolve this desire into appropriate action. Each healing experience, even the simplest, has its place in the unfoldment of spiritual truth in one's consciousness. It can be stated unequivocally, therefore, that any pose of aggressive mental suggestion, calling itself inexperience, lack of education, fear of criticism, timidity, procrastination, or any other name, can be classified as evil's suppositious interference with good, trying to keep us from doing our part in the righteous activity of expressing gratitude, and to cut us off from the blessing always associated with such expression. This Christianly scientific religion will continue to be judged by its fruits. What has it done, and what is it doing? These are proper questions which must be answered; and the responsibility for giving this answer will ever be with its beneficiaries.

July 22, 1933

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