"No good thing will he withhold"

MEN are influenced more by what they believe God to be than by anything else. Take, for instance, the belief that God knows both good and evil. Who can compute the effect of it on the human race? For what does the belief imply? That evil is as real and as powerful as good. The fallacy that God knows both good and evil, and that they are therefore equally real, is still held by the vast majority of people, and it is no exaggeration to say that more than all the other errors entertained concerning Deity, it adversely influences human conduct, human health, and human happiness.

For one thing, the erroneous belief that evil is real acts on human consciousness to dull its sensitiveness to wrongdoing. For it may be argued that if God knows evil He may also use evil for His purposes; and if He makes use of evil, why should not men use it? And so this utterly false belief has far-reaching effects on human life and conduct. Unfortunately, too, it persists in quarters where one might expect to find clearer spiritual vision; for, alas, many who name themselves Christian still cling to the fallacy. And because of this—and one must face the inevitable fact—they are laying themselves open to the machinations of all manner of evil, and at the same time separating themselves from the enjoyment of ever present good.

Nothing Merely Happens
May 13, 1933

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