Modes, Human and Divine

Most people would be likely to associate the word "mode" with the latest fashion, particularly in clothing, where the French expression "à la mode" is extensively used to denote that the creation thus classified is indeed the last word in novelty and modernity of attire. It is, however, remarkable that the modes in the world of fashion alter so quickly that the design which is modish today may soon be thought old-fashioned, both by those who try always to design, and by those who wish to wear, the newest thing in dress.

The fact is that the human so-called mind itself has its "modes"; and they can and often do change as quickly as does the mode in wearing apparel. This is easily realized if one thinks of the changes in modes of locomotion, circulation of news, medical practice, architecture, which have taken place within the memory of many living in the civilized world today. And even in the sphere of religion one may surely say that the modes of human consciousness as it feels after the divine are undoubtedly changing. The more material modes of seeking God are seen to be giving way to the spiritual. The modes of ritual, creed, and dogma are releasing their hold on the thoughts of men; for the modes of God, the divine ways and means, are reaching human thought, changing it from an inactive, deadened sense of religion, and bringing to light the active presence and power of Christ, Truth.

Past, Present, and Future
May 13, 1933

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