Vanishing Shadows

FROM a window high above the city street a student of Christian Science who was watching the thronging crowds at noonday observed the shadows cast by individuals, and as the busy crowd moved on its way she gathered many helpful thoughts. A deep sense of gratitude welled up in the heart of the onlooker as she realized how many shadows cast upon her thinking by a false sense of existence had been and were being dissipated through the understanding of Christian Science and its application in daily experiences.

As she reasoned along this line it first became evident that the shadow had no real connection with the individual; it was no part of him, and could in no way interfere with his progress, no matter from what angle it appeared. The shadow, intangible and insubstantial, would never be anything more than a shadow. Sometimes the shadow appears larger than the individual or the object shadowed; indeed, it may be merely a distorted appearance, not the truth about an object.

March 18, 1933

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