A correspondent insists that there is a law of suggestion

Daily Times

A correspondent insists that there is a law of suggestion. It is good that human opinions are not always correct!

Christian Science, in accord with the Holy Bible, affirms God to be the only creator and lawmaker. God's laws are good, unchangeable, indestructible, hence eternal. Every spiritually forward step by mankind has resulted from obedience to some law of God. Mental suggestion has been proved time and again to be the operation of the beliefs of the carnal mind, wherein one human mind is employed to dominate another, and oftentimes for evil or malicious purposes. Such mental operations have not a single semblance of divine law or order. In the Bible mental suggestion has many aliases, such as witchcraft, divination, enchantment. It is, in fact, as far removed from the law of God as was the treachery of Judas from the Christ.

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