My earliest recollections as a child at home are of a...

My earliest recollections as a child at home are of a father and a mother who yearned to be followers of the Bible, and it naturally was a good influence in my formative years. I grew to young womanhood loving to read and think about the characters of the Bible and their problems, and the fact that always the way opened for them through faith to prove they understood God to a large degree. I wondered just why they were so favored. It seemed so easy for them, but appeared more difficult to me as time went on. After a short while I found myself without father or mother, and my heartaches began. I never lost my faith in God, and my desire to get wisdom and understanding grew into an almost unceasing prayer.

When things looked very dark indeed to me, I found that God had been guiding and protecting me all the way. At that time I made my home with my sister, and she and I began our study of Christian Science together. A little church on a corner near our home seemed so inviting and the hymns were sung with such earnestness that we decided to attend one Sunday. From the first I felt the peace and love for which I had long hoped. I knew this must be the answer to my earnest prayers for more understanding and the key for the solution of my problems. I determined to test this new religion. The healing part did not seem to matter at all. I entered the Sunday school, and then it was I began to understand why the Bible characters could stand courageously and win their way with God. Christian Science has been from then on a great blessing and protection to me.

Testimony of Healing
I cannot express in words what Christian Science has...
March 18, 1933

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