"Be ye separate"

OCCASIONALLY , the student of Christian Science is confronted with a problem the solution of which involves the interests of persons whose thoughts may not be in accord with the progressive spiritual reasoning of an earnest Christian Scientist. Perhaps the student has held a definite stand metaphysically, and whatever human footsteps have seemed proper to his enlightened sense he has joyfully taken. Yet, because of the apparent fusion of this particular problem with the common problem of others, he has for some time been unable to make the desired advancement to the completion of a demonstration. Despite continuous right thinking, there still seems to be something lacking; some smaller problem, perhaps, needs right solving before the final healing can come.

Confronted with a similar situation, seemingly very acute in its material nature, one student of Christian Science began to analyze his thoughts. He soon realized that somewhere in the course of his metaphysical work and in the resulting human steps he had not been firm in taking his stand for Truth. Somewhere along the line, doubt and fear had crept into his consciousness. Pondering over his thoughts and actions, the student discovered that he had allowed himself to become engaged in some bits of conversation which asserted the exact opposite of what he was striving to prove. Suggestions of uncertainty and bewilderment had found response with him, for he had not been quick enough to fill his thought with the ideas of Truth and Love. And now he was faced with the necessity of ousting these errors at once.

Vanishing Shadows
March 18, 1933

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