It is reliably reported to us that a St. Louis minister in a...

Chillicothe News

It is reliably reported to us that a St. Louis minister in a sermon delivered in the Christian Church at Ludlow made an incorrect statement about Christian Science. We understand that your paper has a wide distribution in the Ludlow section, and in order that your readers who attended this service may be correctly informed, will you please be kind enough to publish this letter in an early issue of your paper.

The statement made by our good friend, "In my opinion Christian Science is not a religion but a philosophy; it is illogical," differs widely from the conviction held by thousands of people who have experienced the healing effects of this spiritual teaching. To them Christian Science is the practical exemplification of the words of Jesus, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." To follow the works as well as the words of Christ Jesus would seem to be Christian practice of high order, and fulfill the commonly accepted requirements of religion instead of being merely philosophical conclusions of the human mind.

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