"In His service"

Future supply, support, protection, and safety depend largely upon the way in which mortals occupy their time and thought in the present. A blind belief in God's goodness without a scientific, active understanding of it may not manifest itself outwardly in goodness; but a conscious, active willingness to serve in God's vineyard to-day opens the way for employment, satisfactory work, and joyous achievement in the to-morrow.

A student of Christian Science was once far from home without a position and with her funds running very low. She tried to get employment, but was unsuccessful. She tried to borrow money to tide her over until more prosperous days, but was unsuccessful. She attempted again to find a position, but was told by the last prospective employer that he not only had nothing for her, but that he did not expect to have anything in the future, and therefore it would not be necessary for her to return.

April 2, 1932

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