Christian Science was presented to me at a time when...

Christian Science was presented to me at a time when I was feeling very much burdened with family cares. I was unhappy and in a nervous condition. A dear friend, a Christian Scientist, assured me that Christian Science would help me, but I did not see how this was possible. Then, later, during a talk with a practitioner, it was pointed out to me that I was holding my relatives in bondage with a false sense of responsibility. In a little while the condition was entirely healed, and I rejoice to say all three of us are now students of Christian Science.

Not long afterward it was necessary for me to decide whether I would have a doctor or the help of a practitioner and a Christian Science nurse. Although I had been a student for but a short time, I am very happy to say I decided to have Christian Science treatment; and for the wonderful harmony experienced at the birth of our first little girl I am most grateful. Two years later our second little girl was born with practically no pain. When she was a few days old I developed influenza, and in the early morning felt very ill. Christian Science help was given, and by three o'clock in the afternoon I sat up in bed and called to the Christian Science nurse, who was on duty in the house, to tell her I was perfectly well. Two attacks of measles have been completely healed in less than a day, and constipation was overcome without the use of medicines or material remedies.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science was first presented to me I was...
April 2, 1932

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