When I turned to Christian Science, I did not know what...

When I turned to Christian Science, I did not know what it was to spend a whole day free from suffering. I had tried operations and treatments in hospitals and a sanitarium, but with no lasting benefits. Right here I should like to say that I am deeply grateful to all those who did everything possible, to the best of their understanding, to relieve me from suffering; and I am grateful for the love and patience which were shown me during those trying times.

I had been told that Christian Science healed the sick, but I did not believe it, having always been very antagonistic to what I thought Christian Science to be. In the summer of 1925, however, when it was again presented to me, I was so sick and discouraged that I reached out as a drowning man would to anything held out to save him. I began to read the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. About two weeks later I awoke one morning to realize that I had slept all night for the first time in many months. This gave me hope and courage, and I decided to try Christian Science for other discordant physical conditions. I also decided that I was willing to accept it for physical healing, but not as a religion, and that I certainly would not ask for help from a practitioner. So I began experimenting on one ailment at a time. I would stop the medicine or treatment I was using for that certain condition; then, if this condition did not improve, I would become fearful, take the medicine or treatment once more, and try again.

Testimony of Healing
Twenty-one years ago my son was healed of tuberculosis...
April 2, 1932

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