[Written Especially for Young People]

The Joy of Discovery

Most people experience a thrill when reading or learning of a new and useful discovery, and of the courage and resourcefulness which may have been displayed in the making of the discovery. Who of us has not been stirred by reading of the experiences of Columbus or David Livingstone? We are inspired by the examples of those who have shown fearlessness and persistence in the face of great difficulties, and have profited by the valuable lessons they have given us. Eventually, we learn that little that is really worth while has ever been accomplished except with the aid of self-denial and self-discipline.

Even in those incidents which may appear to be of less moment, the little happenings of daily life, we may experience much joy in new discoveries. When visiting some new scene at vacation time, we may have suddenly come upon a landscape which has charmed us. Or, even in more familiar haunts, we may have come upon some new setting not noticed before. An unknown plant has been found on a botanizing excursion. We have heard the note of a bird we had never known to frequent that spot. Even in these simple, everyday experiences there are real thrills to be had in new discoveries.

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