Many blessings have come to me through the study of...

Many blessings have come to me through the study of Christian Science, and one for which I have felt increasing gratitude is that of the sustaining and healing power of Christian Science at the time my mother passed on. I had often read testimonies of similar healings, and the thought had sometimes come that demonstrations such as those would need greater understanding than I had; but I found, when the test came, the truth of the words, "My grace is sufficient for thee." Every truth I had ever known about God and man, every angel-thought direct from God which had ever come to me, was with me afresh, bringing added and fuller understanding, and bearing me on and up. This experience was wonderful to me, showing me so clearly how each day's work and study to know and practice more of the truth fits us for the problems which present themselves. It also showed me that the purer our love the more impossible it is for us to suffer, and it gave me a larger understanding of God's fatherhood and motherhood and of man's sonship with Him.

During that week I was divinely sustained at the Wednesday evening meeting in the branch church, where the reading helped me to see the allness of Life and the impossibility of separation in divine Love. Divine Science is indeed the Comforter as Mrs. Eddy tells us in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 55).

I have been healed of insomnia and heart trouble; and I am grateful for the privilege of staying for a time at the Sanatorium of The Christian Science Benevolent Association at Chestnut Hill, where I witnessed healings through the power of Truth.

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