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The casual observer just now passing down Norway Street along the site for the new Publishing House may not see much activity on the job. He notes the outer fence painted gray with a broad horizontal stripe of red, and perhaps would like to know the purpose. Inquiry discloses that the general contractor, the Aberthaw Company, has adopted this design and color as a trademark, and some of the company's equipment is similarly identified. The fence is ingeniously arranged in removable sections, so that entrance to the property at any point may be gained readily. The observer notices the notched top upon which it would not be comfortable to perch; but if he is really desirous of seeing what is going on, he may find an opening where steam shovels, trucks, machinery, or supplies are being admitted.

Inside it is to be seen that the excavation at the eastern end, where Building B will stand, is progressing rapidly. A steel structure called a concrete tower is being erected, its ultimate height to be a little over one hundred feet. It is anchored by guy ropes, one of which is grounded beneath the surface of the church park. The concrete for the building is to be mixed on the premises, emptied into buckets which are elevated in the tower and from there dumped, thus gaining sufficient momentum to flow downward through lines of large pipe into the forms built to receive it for the concrete foundation. Ten or twelve carloads of lumber for the forms for concrete have been delivered, and the concrete pouring will begin about the time this notice reaches its readers. The foundation permit has been received from the city government, and actually the job is going at full tilt.

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