When I became interested in Christian Science, I was...

When I became interested in Christian Science, I was struggling with a business problem, which, it seemed to me at the time, could not possibly come out right. The worry and anxiety brought on by this trouble impaired my health. I had treatment from two doctors, and as I found myself receiving no help I turned to God for help through Christian Science. Through the loving and ever ready assistance of a very dear friend I was led to accept the truth, and after six months of much study and help the problem was met. It did not come out the way I had planned, but it showed me plainly that God's way may not be our way.

I have had many other healings, among them the healing of throat trouble, grippe, and burns. One healing which I should particularly like to mention was that of a severe pain, which had troubled me at different times for a number of years. I received my help through Christian Science, for which I am very grateful.

There is another healing which I should like to mention, in the hope that it will show how much help may be gained through the study of the Lesson-Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly. One morning I had given special attention to the following reference from page 488 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "If it were possible for the real senses of man to be injured, Soul could reproduce them in all their perfection; but they cannot be disturbed nor destroyed, since they exist in immortal Mind, not in matter." Later in the day I left my electric flatiron turned on, forgetting it for quite a length of time. On returning to finish my work, I tried the iron by laying the palm of my hand directly across it. I immediately withdrew my hand; it was covered with a kind of coating from the effects of the extreme heat. I went directly to Science and Health, turned to page 488, and declared the truth. I returned to my ironing without any feeling of discomfort; and I can truthfully say the hand had no sensation of burning at any time. The next morning there was no sign of a scar to be seen.

Testimony of Healing
Many blessings have been experienced in the years I...
February 6, 1932

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