As recent issues of your paper have carried reports of...

As recent issues of your paper have carried reports of evangelistic services in which Christian Science was criticized and Mary Baker Eddy, its Discoverer and Founder, was mentioned, will you kindly allow space for brief comment?

First, no follower of Mrs. Eddy worships her in any sense of the word, as claimed in the criticisms. Christian Scientists love and revere their Leader; but they worship God, and Him alone, as anyone having even a slight understanding of Christian Science knows.

As to the criticism that Christian Science is reported to have received at the hands of the evangelist, it should be noted that Christian Science heals the sick, redeems the sinning, reclaims the drunkard and drug addict, purifies the sensual—all through the divine power alone. It inculcates love for God and man, brings courage and strength of heart to the world-weary and the oppressed, and teaches its students to emulate the Christ-example in every walk of life. Where, then, is there just basis for denouncing a religion that follows the teachings of the Scriptures, especially those of Christ Jesus, as does Christian Science? The Saviour said that his true followers would be known by their fruits, and it is by this fair test that Christian Scientists ask that their religion be judged.

To the Christian Scientist God is Love...
February 6, 1932

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