Spiritual Awakening

WHAT joyful ideas are associated with our thoughts of awakening: dawn; the fading darkness and the rising glow of day; all things new; freshness, renewed courage, hope, and opportunity! David, whose vision clearly transcended even the Summum bonum of human sense, said, "I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness." Indeed, it seemed clear to him that to be truly awake is to be clearly conscious of God's own likeness, the likeness of perfection. And to know that one's true individuality is the image of spiritual perfection is without any doubt reason for complete satisfaction. How long humanity has looked forward to this awakening; and how earnestly the attaining to it has been desired in the prayer of many hearts!

Following a faint ray of spiritual light, one student who had seemed to dwell long in the darkness of material night was finally led to the study of the Christ Science. One day she came upon a dictionary definition of "disease" given as "lack of ease, uneasiness." The verb also has an old meaning, "to disturb (from quiet, rest, or sleep)." To awaken! To anyone asleep in material beliefs such a thing seemed impossible. But if one in his extremity will turn to the spiritual light of the Christ, Truth, it will be uncovered to him that infinite divine Love is working out the purposes of good, and that consequently every false belief in matter or darkness can be but temporary and of necessity eventually must be disturbed, overturned, to give place to the joyous light and spiritual facts of the real man's certain harmony and perfection.

August 30, 1930

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