Cultivation of Right Thinking

IT is sometimes asked how one may engage in spiritual thinking while one's work requires thought to be centered upon material details and plans. Now every human act of any considerable importance involves three distinct elements; namely, motive as to its purpose, guidance or direction in the doing of it, and power for its full accomplishment. Motive is the directing impulse back of every deed; it may be selfish and unloving, or noble and pure. It may be as clearly seen as sunlight, or it may be hidden in a manner unrecognized even by its possessor. In any instance, there may be a number of human motives, some better than others; but to the Christian Scientist there is one only, and that is to glorify God. It glorifies God to suppress human will that the divine may be recognized, to silence pride that childlikeness may appear, to overcome fear that love may have unrestricted rule. When our thoughts and acts point to Him as the origin and cause of all that is desirable and good, this exalts God. When we prove by dependence on the infinite that His power and presence is able to heal the sick and supply the needy, this magnifies God. So the light shines as Jesus said, that men "may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

A right motive allows no variation from the course of rectitude. It is clear and decisive when applied to any question; it silences mental arguments and points only one way, the way of right. A right motive exalts the humblest task and clothes the most tedious duty with joy; and when sunk low in despond it lifts one to the realization of the presence of good. In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 453) Mrs. Eddy says, "A right motive has its reward;" and elsewhere she says (ibid., p. 446), "A wrong motive involves defeat." Therefore, when retained in thought, a right motive actuates every wish and desire, every effort, every act, and every treatment in Christian Science.

Peace, Be Still
August 30, 1930

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