Six years ago I was taken seriously ill

Six years ago I was taken seriously ill. After visiting two physicians, I was advised to go to a specialist and have my case diagnosed, as the former were unable to do so. I went without delay, and in three days was told I had sugar diabetes. The diagnostician at once recommended another specialist to treat me, since this disease was of a serious nature and must be handled by someone schooled in the nature of it. He said also that it was incurable, but that under proper medical care and strict diet I could get relief. I had severe pain almost all the time.

This seemed to me a very severe sentence for a young man. I began to take treatment from the specialist and was put on a strict diet. Although continuing the diet for six months, I steadily grew worse, so I decided to change physicians again. The next physician told me the same as the first—that I was incurable and could expect only relief. After another six months of about the same treatment I was just a shadow of my former self, having lost about fifty pounds in weight, and being in a very much weakened condition. I had almost given up hope of getting any relief when I was told of Christian Science by one whose mother had been healed of a condition similar to mine.

Love is Nigh
June 14, 1930

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