Eighteen years ago Christian Science was brought into...

Eighteen years ago Christian Science was brought into my life, and no one could have been in greater need of it than I was. For many years I had been constantly under the care of some of the best physicians and used almost every known medicine for the stomach and bowels, but this only seemed to help temporarily. No two doctors agreed as to the diagnosis of my case. One said it was catarrh of the stomach, another said nervous dyspepsia, another rheumatism, and still another said tuberculosis of the stomach. Then we moved West and for a time I seemed to improve, but then became worse than ever. I finally became so weak that I could not care for my home and three children, and was confined to my bed for seven weeks, the physician calling almost every day. My limbs were twice their normal size and I had to be carried up and down stairs I had not had a good night's rest for months, as insomnia seemed to be an inherited belief and the doctor feared giving me too strong sleeping powders, as he said my heart was too weak from an ophthalmic goiter for which I was to be operated on, when I gained sufficient strength. I had cataract on the eye, and was having treatment for other disorders.

At the end of my seventh week in bed I was asked if I would like to meet a lady who was a Christian Scientist. I said that I would be glad to. The next afternoon this lady came to see me. She talked to me for two hours about God, and I seemed to realize that God is ever present. I felt as if new hope had sprung up in me. That evening I sat at the dinner table and ate what I wanted.

Testimony of Healing
With a grateful heart I wish to testify to a wonderful...
June 14, 1930

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