Integrity and Divinity of Mrs. Eddy's Discovery

In her article entitled "Divine Science," which appears in "Miscellaneous Writings," Mrs. Eddy asks these questions (p. 337): "Have I discovered and founded at this period Christian Science, that which reveals the truth of Love"? "And how can you be certain of so momentous an affirmative?" Then comes her answer, "By proving its effect on yourself to be—divine."

This is a simple, yet illumined answer. It will enable every student of Christian Science to determine for himself the integrity and the divinity of Mrs. Eddy's discovery of Christian Science. The student may ask himself, Is the effect of the study of Christian Science on my life divine? If the answer is "Yes," he has proved for himself the divinity and, therefore, the integrity of the discovery. He may ask himself what effect it has had on his study of the Bible. The answer to this question, already vouched for by multitudes, must ever be that a divine light has been shed on the sacred Scriptures which has bridged the centuries and brought into the student's own life the ability to demonstrate the healing power of God.

Law and Creation
June 7, 1930

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