Protection through Reflection

ISAIAH writes, "I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand." This word "covered" implies that in God's infinite and wholly spiritual creation there is no possibility of sickness, danger, or the slightest discord. Again, the Psalmist writes, "Hide me under the shadow of thy wings." Is not this "shadow" the safety of spiritual reflection? God, Spirit, alone is the Life of man, and this Life is endless; hence the reflection of Spirit constitutes immortality. But one who fails to reflect God and dwells in material sense cannot scientifically invoke Truth's protection for the unreal. For hatred, for instance, there is no protection. Whatever claims to be destructive is destructible and must be abandoned. "Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord, . . . that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin."

In order to insure harmony one must constantly ponder and grasp anew the fact that God creates and maintains the life and all the faculties of His likeness through imperishable Spirit, not through perishable matter. Man's life and his faculties are not shut up inside a mortal body: they are spiritual, intact. What awesome fear, expressed in cumbersome ways, surrounds the belief of life in matter! In ancient days a warrior was almost entirely encased in heavy armor as he rode out to battle! But the real and only protection for mankind lies in true thinking. Christian Science destroys fear through substituting the spiritual understanding of Life for the belief in organic life. God's consciousness of His ideas is the guaranty of their harmony and of their immortality, for all that eternal Mind knows is harmonious and immortal. Through Christian Science the knowledge that spiritual man's every faculty is mental, safe in Him whom it reflects, so illumines human consciousness that materialistic fears fade out. As the Christian Scientist contemplates real spiritual existence and identifies himself with it. he rises above fear of, and fear for, material counterfeits. Godlike faculties are safe in Mind, covered from invasion. There is no danger in Truth, and consequently no truth in danger.

Christian Science also lessens the pride and burden of material possessions. Whoever accumulates lands, houses, rare collections, is liable to get obsessed, engrossed, and enslaved by them. He does not possess them so much as they possess him. Mankind in general needs to be protected from hugging treasures in matter, for everything deemed material claims to separate one from the world of Spirit, from peace of mind and conscious safety. The reflection of God, good, on the other hand, is under His constant care, because God, Spirit, is exempt from fear and danger; and true security enfolds the Christian Scientist in proportion to his spiritual-mindedness.

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"Truth is error's antidote"
April 12, 1930

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